Aura Designs Wedding Stationery Aura Designs Wedding Stationery

Aura Designs, Custom Stationery designed with you in mind

Aura Designs was started by myself in 2015 when I was asked to create unique, personalised invitations for a friend. Although I have always been creative and artistic, it had never crossed my mind to start making stationery, especially for something as important as someone’s wedding day! Through word of mouth and using social media to promote what I had done I gained business from other clients so I jumped at the chance. Mid 2016, my partner and I bought a house, got engaged and found out we were expecting a baby girl (all within the space of 5 days!!) so everything got put on hold. Now in my 7th month of maternity leave I miss being creative and taking the pressure off clients who want that personal touch for their special occasion, without the hassle. I understand how difficult it is to find the perfect stationery that sets the tone for the day, which is why, at Aura Designs we work hard to bring your vision to life, no matter what the budget. All of our stationery is one of a kind, designed with you in mind and lovingly handmade using digital art software. Many people have asked where the name ‘Aura Designs’ comes from. My daughters name is Ayla, meaning halo of light, my granddad was Romanian and halo in his language is Aura which is the last part of my name (L)aura. It seemed fitting to tie all of that in with something I am so passionate about.

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